ok i am guilty of starting something and then seemingly abandoning it!! It had seemed like a good time to start a ‘blog’
but i guess i under estimated how much time everything else would take up…..something/s had to give and i’m afraid this
was one of them!!
however i really wanted to have some sort of creatve dialogue if only with myself as well as a reminder of what i have
learned and how far i have come along the way… here is an attempt to start I mean to go on….we shall

Dippin’ a toe in the water!!

New Year(ish), new challenges, new attitudes!!!

So have decided that since I have changed my website and ┬álost my ‘bloggy’ bit I needed to get something sorted and ta dah….here I am! Kinda by accident if I’m totally honest…one minute, there I was subscribing to Ginger Davis Allmans blog at The Blue Bottle Tree and suddenly here I am signing up to a bloggy whatsit at wordpress!! Well I was going to do it anyway, it’s just I was pushed before I could jump!

Anywhoo….today has been spent in my studio, I have been trying out some new techniques…well new to me…I cannot take the credit for them, but am very grateful to those generous contributers to Pinterest and various Facebook forums for the inspiration. I will post some photographs of my latest makings very soon.

For the time being I am just pleased to have started what I was aiming to do….get on with a blog and hope that this will be the first of many posts!

Back again soon!